Right Attendance



Modern Management aims to boost the efficiency and productivity, While efficiency achieved by consuming the available resources wisely to achieve the goals. And employees attendance is one of the vital factors that affect the efficiency right away, so Starways designed Right- Attendance to enable managing attendance of massive amount of employee in dynamic changing environment.

Why Right-Attendance

High responding to attendance rules :
one of the most problems that faces managers is the frequent changed attendance rules for one or more employees, and that is because of administrative decisions or other circumstances (Like Ramadan month). The overtime on holidays or after the mandatory attendance, all that and more can be easily processed using Right-Attendance.

image Effective mechanism in auditing exceptions :
Right-Attendance illustrates exceptions in a period of time, like coming late, exiting early and overtime, and these transactions can be modified and take the proper action immediately. Right-Attendance summarize up all attendance and exceptions, and break them down to enable monitoring a huge amount of employees.

Fast - Secured - Reliability

Right-Attendance Features

  • Ability to add a temporary attendance rules to a set of employees in any period.
  • Ability to determine attendance system for holidays.
  • Ability to customize the attendance system for holiday according changing requirements.