BI solutions allow businesses to plan, measure and respond quickly to the changing business landscape. By having precise and timely knowledge of how the business is performing, managers of any sized business can make informed decisions that can have an instant impact on the bottom line. BI provides a powerful yet easy-to-use means to report on and analyze financial, sales, customer or other business data. From the CEO to the finance department, from sales to the warehouse, every person requires different information to measure the success of their department or individual performance. BI allows businesses to define key performance indicators and measure the associated activity against them. Strategic, tactical and operational reporting is delivered across the organization in a secure fashion.

Why Right-BI

A Panoramic vision :
Get all information through predefined customized dashboards, to get the information easily through charts, interactive data tables, KPIs.. etc. to be able to get the required information quickly and well formatted.

image Full Customizable :
Respond quickly to the rapid changes in the business environment by building data analysis tools which are easy customizable for new requests without a need for advanced technical knowledge..

High Interactivity :
Analyze your data using interactive data analysis tools such as pivot tables which enables to exposes information from massive amounts of data, and to preview it from several perspectives, and to perform several action on it using slicing, dicing, rolling-up, and drilling up and down easily.

Right-BI Features

  • Ability to build several dashboards and set their permission for department so their employees can view the information he needs.
  • Ability to add several KPIs, Charts, reports, ordinary and pivot interactive tables, into dashboards.
  • Ability to edit, customize dashboards and print them.