One of the problem that faces institutions nowadays the huge amount of electronic and printed documents and the need to index and archive them, besides the difficulties of tracking the versions of the documents and how changed what and when, all that can deprives the institution of take advantage of the right information at the right time, Based on that Starways designed Right-DMS to solve these difficulties and organize institutions’ documents and implement our statement “The right Information to the right target at the right time” .

Why Right-DMS

A flexible hierarchy complies with Organizational structure :
Right-DMS provides a distinguished hierarchy folders structure which complies with customizable privileges and access rights on the department levels.

image Versionable document with descriptive attributes :
One document can contain one or more version, and each version can consist of one or more file, and the descriptive attributes of the document template can provide an easy and fast way to find a specific document between thousands of them.

Archive e-documents and scan paper ones easily :
Ability to archive paper documents using scanner side by side to electronic documents easily because of the user friendly interface supports keyboard shortcuts and context menus.

Fast - Secured - Reliability :
Right-DMS provides a secured stable environment to store documents encrypted unable to be edited, As the archived document stored in structure suitable for large data and makes it easy to access them quickly.

Right-DMS Features

  • Ability to read document from scanner and store it in PDF format.
  • Ability to scan both sides printed documents.
  • Ability to upload several files as one document and give it descriptive attributes.