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StarWays) is a Saudi based technology services provider

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Employee Attendance System

Modern Management aims to boost the efficiency and productivity, While efficiency achieved by consuming the available resources wisely to achieve the goals. And employees attendance is one of the vital factors that affect the efficiency right away, so Starways ....


Business Intelligence & Decision Support System

Right-BI system (The Business Intelligence solution) is considered as one of the remarkable products we are proud of, which achieved an unique success in the Saudi Arabia market. It is considered as the link between ....


Electronic Forms Routing System

Right-Workflow is distinguished by its high integrity with other systems which might be used currently in the establishment, and distinguished by high flexibility to responding to rapid quick response for change requests in addition to performing dynamic ....

Right DMS

Documents Managment System

Right-DMS is considered as the optimal solution to store electronic documents and archive the printed documents safely, quickly and supports a massive amount of data and make it accessible through browser, tablet and mobile. All that preserve paper documents in it’s original state and make it ....

Right E-Messaging

Correspondence Managment System

Right E-Messaging is one of the most feasible systems in the public and private sectors. It organized internal and external communications efficiently through archiving transactions using scanner and barcode to be ready to use in dynamic Environment integrating with the organizational structure.