Right-BI system (The Business Intelligence solution) is considered as one of the remarkable products we are proud of, which achieved an unique success in the Saudi Arabia market. It is considered as the link between different administration levels to enforce information making process basing on massive varied data, and integrating and analysing it transparently in multiple customizable dashboards to diagnose problems and take the right decision at the right time, which gives the high level managers more understanding to the information they need and helps them to fulfil their mission and achieve their vision.

Why Right-BI

A Panoramic vision

Full Customizable

High Interactivity

A Panoramic vision

Get all information through predefined customized dashboards, to get the information easily through charts, interactive data tables, KPIs.. etc. to be able to get the required information quickly and well formatted.

Full Customizable

Respond quickly to the rapid changes in the business environment by building data analysis tools which are easy customizable for new requests without a need for advanced technical knowledge

High Interactivity

Analyze your data using interactive data analysis tools such as pivot tables which enables to exposes information from massive amounts of data, and to preview it from several perspectives, and to perform several action on it using slicing, dicing, rolling-up, and drilling up and down easily.

Overview Features

Overview Features

Customizable sophisticated dashboards

Build Customizable queries

Pivot Tables

Immediate KPI

Customizable Charts

Advanced Report designer

Design Interactive data tables

Advanced Security System

1- Customizable sophisticated dashboards
  • Ability to build several dashboards and set their permission for department so their employees can view the information he needs.
  • Ability to add several KPIs, Charts, reports, ordinary and pivot interactive tables, into dashboards.
  • Ability to edit, customize dashboards and print them.
2- Build Customizable queries
  • Bring data from any data source (Excel, MySql, Oracle, SQLServer….etc).
  • Ability to link tables with ability to sort, filter, aggregate data using a professional query designer without the need to write code for that.
  • Ability to build SQL statements, so you can bring queries from other systems and embed them easily in eliminate the manual SQL writing as possible.
3- Pivot Tables
  • Ability to build multi dimensional pivot tables easily by mouse only.
  • Ability to Roll-up a dimension hierarchically, like grouping date dimension by month or term.
  • Support for totals and subtotals with ability to print out the whole pivot table immediately.
  • Support for set of actions like slicing, dicing, rolling-up, and drilling up and down easily.
4- Immediate KPI
  • Ability to set minimum, maximum and current values for KPIs and get it immediately.
  • Ability to choose the indicator design, and using it in dashboards
5- Customizable Charts
  • Ability to build charts and add them to dashboards.
  • Ability to add 2D, 3D, Cadastral and Linear charts.
  • Ability to build dual, triple and multi-series charts, to compare data effectively.
  • High format capabilities and custom settings for each part of the chart.
6- Advanced Report designer
  • Ability to design reports using advanced report designer, with filtering and grouping options in integrated environment
  • Ability to add images and logos, and formatting simple and complicated reports easily.
  • Ability to add summaries, multiple sub tables and charts.
7- Design Interactive data tables
  • Ability to build interactive data tables with type based formatting.
  • Data tables support conditional formating to explore exceptional data quickly and easily.
  • Data tables support building statistical summaries to exposes the information out of massive amount of data.
  • Ability to build multi master details data tables.
8- Advanced Security System
  • Ability to grant permission to departments and managers Flexibility and easily .
  • Wide authority options for all graphical elements, queries and dashboards.

Main benefits of starways business intelligence system :

● Eliminating the manual effort of processing data to show major KPIs.
● Improving information transparency, accuracy and accessibility.
● Gathering data and showing it as information quickly.
● Clarifying information and its meaning.
● Boosting controlling and tracking KPIs.
● Improve CEOs comprehension about information they need

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