Right-Workflow is distinguished by its high integrity with other systems which might be used currently in the establishment, and distinguished by high flexibility to responding to rapid quick response for change requests in addition to performing dynamic tasks which determined by employee input or the organizational structure. In addition to ability of adding custom equations and send custom emails and SMS, All that can be performed with ability to respond to custom exceptions that might occurs in real world business environment.

Why Right-Workflow

High Response For Continuous Business Rules Changing

Direct Monitoring

Full integration with other systems

High Response For Continuous Business Rules Changing

Effective task managements distinguished by a high responsive to the continuous change in the Workflows with ability to re-routing a specific task by administrator, with ability to perform dynamic tasks which is determined by employee input or the organizational structure or the direct manager, and custom task can be added to performs custom equations .

Direct Monitoring

Ability to monitor all workflows of employee or department, and browse all achieved steps with ability to change the current step. Additionally management can monitor the productivity of departments and employees according to their attendance time generally or in detail to the workflow template,

Full integration with other systems

Ability to form integrated systems throughout applying the affective integration with other running systems in many forms, with no need to alter these systems using simple graphical UI, in addition to ability to integrate with other starways solutions such as Right E-Messaging, Right Attendance and Right DMS.

Overview Features

Features and benefits

Customizable User Interfaces

Flexible Customizable Workflow

Customized employees and departments’ tasks

Varied System Actions

Detailed and graphical reporting

Comprehensive authority and task delegation

1- Customizable User Interfaces
  • Designing custom user interfaces is extremely easy just by using web browsers with no need to programming experience.
  • Supporting varied user interface field types like textbox, numeric box, date picker … etc. with ability to validate user input.
  • Full support for Bi-Lingual user interface Arabic & English, so the user interface has two designs for two languages.
2- Flexible Customizable Workflow
  • Ability to use custom user interface and interact with its data fields, so the workflow steps can be changed according to its values.
  • Ability to define workflows graphically with special support for multi conditions and varied data types.
  • Ability to include the workflow a steps of employee or department tasks, or include several system actions.
3- Customized employees and departments’ tasks
  • Ability to assign the task to an employee or a department to assign it to the first employee handles it.
  • Ability to sent the task to a an employee’s manager or dynamically to any employee or department determined by the user input.
  • Ability to hide or disable some fields in the user interface in specific step..
4- Varied System Actions
  • ability to execute sql statements and call web services and pass/get forms fields values, and continue workflow regarding call result.
  • Ability to add calculation actions to change the form fields values according to customized equation .
  • Ability to add actions that sends customizable Email and SMS.
5- Detailed and graphical reporting
  • Graphical reports to monitor the productivity of employees and departments generally considering the attendance time.
  • Detailed reports to measure the monitor employees and department performance for each workflow template.
  • Ability to browse and control all active and terminated workflows, and show the active step.
6- Comprehensive authority and task delegation
  • Ability to classify employees into groups, and granting access rights to groups or employees.
  • Ability to set permission to pages, workflows, actions,reports and managing groups and users..etc.
  • Ability to delegate an employee with other employees tasks in a period of time.

How System Works

1. Design User Interfaces
● Design user interface and setup data fields and validation bilingually.
2. Design Workflow Templates
● Define Workflow steps as employee ,department and system tasks.
3. Consume E-Services
● Employees can send and receive requests according to workflows’ templates.
4. Monitor/Audit Workflows
● Administrator can monitor workflows and edit them, and can monitor employees and departments performance.

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